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Rabbit Formula

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  • Grain-free formula 
  • High protein content for improved energy.
  • Quality meats: Locally sourced, government inspected, growth hormone, antibiotic, and steroid free.
  • easy to serve.

The formula can also be combined with other proteins, and these 4oz bars allow for more storage room in your freezer. They are a superior blend of meat protein, bone, and organs at a ratio of 80% protein, 10% bone, and 10% organ. 

Protein: Is used for the maintenance of tissue - skin, muscle, fur, ligaments, etc. It is also used as a fuel source.

Bone: Calcium which is derived from bone is essential for strong bones, muscle contraction, heart action, and blood clotting. 

Organs: high in Iron and other essential nutrients. 


Adult dogs should eat 2%-3% of their body weight. If your dog is high energy you may have to increase the portion or if inactive decrease the amount. To know if the feed portions are correct, take a look at your dog if the ribs are showing you need to increase the portion size, or if you can't feel the ribs you may have to decrease the amount.

Feed guide estimates:
25-pound dog - 1/2 pound daily
50-pound dog - 1 pound daily 
100-pound dog  - 2

Puppies are growing they require more food than adult dogs, ideally, 5%-10% of their current body weight. The food content should consist of more bone than fat to ensure the puppy gets all the essential nutrients a growing body needs.

We suggest supplementing your dog's staple raw food diet once or twice a week with one of our specialty proteins. Supplementing the diet with another protein source can help prevent the development of food allergies. These specialty proteins are higher in protein than traditional meat sources making them ideal for working dogs, or owners looking to pack on muscle in their dogs. Our specialty proteins are delicious and add variety to your dog's diet, "we don't eat the same food every day why should your dog".