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This book is your step by step guide to improving your dog's overall Fitness, from an 8 week old puppy to beloved Senior. Do you want to enhance your dog's condition but are not sure how to start? Now you can create simple plans using the Templates and list of various exercises inside this workbook. You will learn how easy it is to turn your daily leash walk into a healthy work out - without spending more time. You will learn how to adjust exercise volume/intensity for your senior dog to help them age with vitality. Do you compete in dog sports and want to avoid repetitive injuries? The DogWorks Plan to balance training and conditioning will do just that - it isn't about doing MORE it is about doing BETTER. In the RE-Fit section (for athletic/working dogs) you'll learn how to plan to optimize the Competition and Off Season in order to prevent injuries, preserve function and the importance of scheduling in periods of Recovery for exercise and skill training adaptation.